University Pierre & Marie Curie Laboratory in computer Paris 6

LIP6 is a research laboratory in computer science of University Pierre & Marie Curie and CNRS (UMR 7606). With 190 permanent researchers and 255 PhD students, it is a major research lab in France.
The laboratory covers a broad spectrum of activities grouped in 5 departments :
• «Scientific Computing» department: Symbolic computing, albebraic systems, round-off errors, numerical validation, grid computing, parallelism, data reconstruction, 3D sequences, modelization, random generation.
• «DEcision, Systèmes Intelligents Recherche opérationnelle» department: Decision making, optimization problem in artificial intelligence and operational research, adaptative end cognitive agents, tutorial systems.
• «Databases and machine learning» department : Statistical and symbolic machine learning, fuzzy logic, information fusion and aggregation, content based information retrieval in text and video, user interaction and modeling, risk analysis, distributed databases, data replication and load balancing.
• «Networks and Distributed Systems» department : Model engineering, modeling and checking of distributed systems, interoperability, adaptability, middleware, peer-to-Peer, GRID, internet, quality of service, mobility, metrology, wireless networks, the future internet, sensors networks and localization, graphs, algorithmics, complex networks, dynamic graphs.
• «Systems On Chips» department : Analog and digital hardware and software co-design, multiprocessors, embedded operation system, test, verification and compilation.