Acoustics Laboratory of the University of Maine

LAUM is a Coeducational Research unit of the Université du Maine and of the Centre National de Recherche Scientifique (UMR 6613). The enrollment of the laboratory is about 80 persons.

The activities of the Laboratory are centered in most cases on "audible" acoustics but the laboratory has inserted new research topics for some years in the field of vibrations and ultrasounds.

Studies concern the spread of waves in fluids (in repose or in flow) and in the solid (porous, granular or composite materials, vibrating structures) as well as on the mechanisms of coupling. They have as object to understand physical phenomena by favoring the development of analytical models and of experimental studies linked to necessary numerical simulation.

Researches are performed as part of three teams specialized on complementary themes :

Vibrations, Guided Acoustics and Flow